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Best anti-virus, free.

Best anti-virus, free. Posted on julho 18, 2017

The internet is an infinite source of knowledge and entertainment, and this is indeed, however, every new day increases the need to learn to surf the internet safely, because, by the immeasurable amount of malicious content of the network, this item must be one of its main concerns while it is online.
Best paid antivirus of 2017. Of course, nowadays we have a multitude of native defence systems of the computer’s own operating system, but we also need to expand this filter that protects us with the help of good antivirus software, able to search all the signals from an infection and also maintain a barrier that prevents the entry of new malware.
Not always you can have the value needed to keep your machine safer with a good paid antivirus, which costs on average $35 for a one-year subscription, or maybe you just prefer a free option, because you may find that you don’t need such protection in your case, so let’s introduce you to the best free antivirus options you can find in 2017.
Download and install
The fewer clicks to the first scan, the better! Earn more points the most practical software. What gave more work was avira; Of all, it was the most complicated to install and also the slowest to start the first sweep. AVG also proved not very efficient in this first contact with the tool-several clicks until the antivirus actually works. Avast and Bitdefender deserve a technical tie in this aspect-the installation and verification of viruses was very fast and efficient. But the highlight was even on account of the panda, very simple, almost no click after start the installation and was already ready to use and finishing the rapid scanning of our PC. The panda’s out front.
Our analysis goes beyond design; In fact, this choice we let each user make their-tastes do not argue. What we really evaluate is the simplicity and ease of using the application. The five interfaces are very good. The Avira solution, still, was last-is one of the most complicated to use by someone who has never worked with that kind of software. Nothing scandalous. Already Avast, Bitdefender has tied in third place. AVG, second, leaves everything very handy for the user-including what is part of the free version or not. And the highlight once again got the panda, no doubt the easiest to use of all the solutions presented here today. Not to mention, in our humble opinion, is the most beautiful of the five.
Here, we analyze the impact every antivirus has on the performance of your computer; How much it affects the speed of various functions. To do these tests, we open websites that we are accustomed to visiting, downloaded applications, opened different programs, copied files from one side to another… and assessed. After winning the last two categories, here the panda disappointed. After showing up so fast at startup, it took longer than the others to scan the machine. That’s what he left the machine significantly slower too. Then Avast and Avg tied in second place. First of all, one more draw. Who did better were the solutions Avira and Bitdefender; Both performance-efficient. Avira is traditionally a fairly lightweight antivirus that does not move virtually anything in the performance of your computer. With all its simplicity, Bitdefender also doesn’t seem to exist as it runs in the background… point for the two on an important aspect.
Resource consumption
One thing is the impact that the antivirus causes in the performance of your machine, another is how much the software requires from your computer in terms of memory and processor; How much resource consumes each solution. Performance and use of your machine’s capabilities are complementary but not proportionate. Here, Panda and Bitdefender are the first-even if in the performance aspect, the panda I have bittered a ugly lantern. But with this assessment we define that even if they are not equally agile, these two antivirus are the ones that are least bothered while operating. Secondly was avast; Avg and Avira, respectively, fourth and fifth place. CPU usage When these applications are running is larger; You can tell more time to load the pages and even open some programs.
Of course, among so many comparisons, surely this is the most important, after all, with the antivirus “x” will you be really protected? Here we compare the effectiveness of both detection when removing virtual threats. The great news is that with any of the five solutions tested and compared in this digital laboratory, your machine will be properly protected. Both in our tests and in the most thorough analyses of independent laboratories, all the software did very well. In all of them, the effectiveness index is very close to 100%. If we have to choose a winner, it won’t be around here we’re going to measure…
Even if free, most antivirus also brings extra functions and configurations that can make a difference in choosing time. Bitdefender, perhaps because it is the simplest and most straightforward of all, is what less offers; In fact, it offers nothing beyond. In the free version, Avira only offers a Windows Firewall evaluation module-out of it, only in the paid version. The panda gains prominence with its “USB vaccine”, a function that does a full scan on any pendrive that you connect to the machine and still applies a true vaccine to the device preventing any process from automatically starting when the drive is mounted.
Second in this aspect, AVG brings tune up, a feature that helps keep your computer and all programs installed ever updated, thereby improving the performance of the machine. and first of all, Avast, with some very interesting extra features: In addition to an integrated email and Browser module and a tool that evaluates security and possible failures in your network, the coolest is password Manager-The function helps you control and keep your passwords always strong and secure.
At the end of this battery of tests and Comscans, the choice of digital look as best free antivirus of 2016 has got avast free antivirus. Although the solution is somewhat heavier than some competitors, the antivirus in Avast has not let our machine visibly slower. The software is very well-conceptualized in the tests of independent laboratories and did very well in our assessment. The bonus was on account of Password manager and network security analysis and router. Effective near 100%, this time, it is the best choice for protection by a free antivirus.
Just below, a double draw; That’s right, Bitdefender’s free antivirus and panda are quite equivalent. None of them leave much to be desired in comparison to the great victorious, but details made a difference. In addition to the effectiveness, Bitdefender stands out for simplicity-it is the most discreet of all and does not even have settings menu. The panda has surprised the lightness and speed since the first contact with the tool. The interface is very clear and intuitive-our preferred. In addition, it still brings a module of protection and vaccine for USB devices. Without a shadow of doubts, Panda and Bitdefender are also good choices in case you want to try.
Third place was AVG antivirus free. It’s an effective solution, but somewhat heavier than its rivals. The menu brings a number of configurations that can complicate the head of many users. In the flashlight of our digital laboratory this month was Avira free antivirus-in the tests of independent laboratories, it is already a little behind at the level of protection. Our experience with Avira Antivirus was not of the best, in addition to the complications during installation and the first scan, the interface was not very pleased and it showed one of the most utilized features of your machine. The full sweep takes longer than most.
It is important to make it clear that none of the tools evaluated in our laboratory is bad; Far from it. Are the best free antivirus from the market for Windows 10-with any of these solutions, you can be sure, you’ll be safe. If your choice is different from ours, it’s interesting to try. Downloading and installing each of them is fairly easy and takes a few minutes. If you have a different opinion of ours, enjoy the space, share your comments.