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Electrical cars.

Electrical cars. Posted on julho 18, 2017

Anyone who wants to take a step further to have a more ecologically correct car would have to go after a vehicle with hybrid motorization or even an electric. However, this is not so simple in Brazil. As the government does not give great incentives as in other countries, the account does not close to manufacturers, which has two choices: to bring the automobile for a high price or, as many did, give up.
Few decide to paddle against the tide and sell electric cars or hybrids in Brazil. Some rehearsed the launch, such as Nissan, which handed leaf units to taxi drivers from Rio de Janeiro, while Renault gave some Twizy and Zoe to the prefecture of Curitiba (while planning to bring the Fluence ze). They were tired of waiting for a government incentive policy and cancelled their plans.
After a lot of waiting, the incentive came for electric cars and hybrids. Vehicles using electric motor or with fuel cell (which use hydrogen) have exemption from the import tax, as long as they have minimal autonomy of 80 km. Already the hybrid tax drops from 35% and is between 7% and zero, according to the level of energy efficiency and the size of the combustion engine. Moreover, there are some more specific initiatives of some towns. Sao Paulo, for example, returns half the ipva of the vehicle and leaves it exempt from the municipal rotation.
Urban and ecological
The idea can reduce pollution and traffic
160 miles
It is the average autonomy of electric car models that will be made available in Sao Paulo
Vehicles must compose the fleet of urban service LDSharing until the end of 2018, with 50% of them powered by electric power
Share and reload stations are part of the program let’s go in Fortaleza
“Home zones” will work at the beginning, in Sao Paulo, scattered by Garden Europa, Vila Olímpia, Vila Nova Conceição and Itaim Bibi. Four stages of expansion are foreseen
Chinese electric vehicles are used in the capital of Ceará