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Fastest drone in the world.

Fastest drone in the world. Posted on julho 18, 2017

A drone designed by the engineers of the Drone Racing League has managed to establish a new world speed record, surpassing many sporting supercars. On account of the limits of human pilots, the league had developed drones and limited its speeds at about 128 kilometers per hour. However, now the engineers have managed to significantly increase this speed, causing the small aircraft to arrive at 263.1 km/h.
Taking into consideration that drones rely on small electric motors, the achievement is really impressive. The league’s own engineers stated that by trying to reach the maximum speed of one of the drones, it simply caught fire on account of the high requirement in their parts.
The recordist drone was baptized DRL Racerx. It weighs only 800 grams and is powered by two 1,300 mah batteries. These batteries are responsible for maintaining four electric motors, which arrive up to 46,000 RPMs, in operation.
With these configurations, the drone succeeded in reaching the 289 km/h, but the speed was not counted as the world record due to its short time of travel. To be recognized by Guinness World Records as the highest speed achieved in the soil by an electrical and remotely controlled Quadricóptero, it was necessary that the DRL Racerx traveled 100 meters. In order to reach the official outcome of the race, the average of the return velocity was calculated at the speed of the drone, reaching 263.1 km/h.
Yi erred to is a drone constructed in carbon fiber and equipped with three rotors, instead of the traditional four, which make it the fastest commercial drone of the moment, as it reaches 120 km/h, thus surpassing the DJI inspire 2 that reached the 108 km/h.
To accompany this new drone also comes an action chamber, the Yi + 4k, which is able to record in 4k to 60fps with a bit rate of 100 Mbps and behold for stabilization of the videos. In photography, this new camera will be able to photograph in raw.


That drone would be ideal for traffic. What do you think?