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Skype and direction: BMW and Microsoft.

Skype and direction: BMW and Microsoft. Posted on julho 18, 2017

If you rely on BMW, the line between your car’s space and your office will become substantially more blurry: after bringing Office 365 functions to the 5 series models, the German assembler will also incorporate Skype for business into the infotainment system of your vehicles.
This means that, yes, you will be able to do conferences through the application directly from your car, thanks to the idrive system, and also allow users to receive alerts about meetings that will still happen or when they are altered. These conferences can also be initiated automatically, without the need for the driver to take your attention from the direction to make any input.
According to the companies, from now the owners BMW cars with the idrive system can use Skype for business, able to hold meetings with the app directly from the built-in automobile platform.
As reporting the Verge, Skype for BMW cars will trigger meetings notifications, thus enabling drivers to access these encounters without needing to type anything manually.
BMW stated that it will release access to Skype for business initially for its consumers in England, France and Germany, before expanding the functionality to more places in the world.
It is worth remembering that BMW was one of the first automobile manufacturers to enable access to the Office 365 package services in their cars.
The goal of companies is to transform the car into an extension of the office, to make a future where “the nature of the work is more mobile”.
In addition to BMW, other manufacturers such as Toyota, Volvo and Nissan also have plans and are working with Microsoft to adopt car-connected tools.