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Android Auto.

Android Auto. Posted on julho 19, 2017

No car with Android Auto has been launched anywhere in the world so far, but Google has already released the official platform app for smartphones with Android Lollipop. Anyone can download and install, but without a car to connect the appliance, the app is practically useless. So far, only three automotive pioneer radios are compatible with Android Auto. So if you do not want to switch cars, but want to use the Google platform on its powerful, it is best to search for the following models in the international market: AVIC-8100NEX, Avic-7100NEX and AVH-4100NEX. These are the models sold in the USA, but it is possible to find variations of them in the UK and Australia.
One of the most anticipated apps to integrate Android Auto, no doubt is the Waze and the good news has arrived! Google announced that soon, probably by the end of the year, you can already use the famous navigation app via your car’s dashboard. Google has even made a presentation of how the Waze will work by the new version of Android Auto, with very similar features that you are already accustomed to using by your smartphone, just excluding those that could divert the driver’s attention and compromise the security in the direction. Another novelty that drew enough attention is the possibility that we will have in the future to use Android Auto through the screen of your own smartphone, ie you do not need to buy another car compatible with Android Auto to use the system. The app would bring the same functionality as the dashboard of a car with Android Auto provides. According to Google, the app will actually be the same app you need to have installed on your smartphone to connect the Android Auto to the car, with the difference that it will now be possible to use the system directly by the smartphone screen.
Look at that cool, one of the main features of this new system is that all applications will have basically the same interface, that is, a shared area for the default user, which was created to reduce the distraction of the driver, but all the interaction fields will have a nighttime mode with darker tones for the screen do not exaggerate in the brightness at night For example. It will be activated automatically, depending on the time of day.
And not for there, Android Auto features can be activated in app you already have on your smartphone. For example, when you connect your mobile to the car via USB, the application appears direct on the mobile launcher the options: Browsing search and media content. And more, Google still says “users will receive notifications from Android apps suitable for the car”, too, right?
And you, would you like a clever car? Tell me!