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Audi A8 will be blocked by geolocalisation.

Audi A8 will be blocked by geolocalisation. Posted on julho 19, 2017

Autonomous steering technology of the new Audi A8, which allows the conductor to take the attention of the direction for a few moments, raises questions about the legality of its use in some countries
We talked this week on the launching of the new Audi A8, the luxury sedan stuffed with technologies ‘ ways of the German assembler. One of the most distinguished functions was the traffic jam pilot, one of the first level 3 autonomous steering systems on the SAE scale that is available in production cars – which means you can take 100% of your steering attention at certain times.
The only problem is that the vast majority of countries still do not have clear rules regarding the autonomous direction, which causes the use of traffic jam pilot to be basically illegal. To avoid any kind of problems with this, Audi has decided that it will utilize the car’s geolocalisation system to release (or not) technology.
This means that the A8 will be able to automatically identify, based on the country where you are walking, whether or not it is permitted to use the autonomous steering system – even if it means complex situations such as in the case of the United States, where laws vary from state to state.
“We will use the car systems to offer the best service available for each of the markets,” explained Dietmar Voggenreiter, the sales and marketing area of Audi. “This means that the traffic jam pilot will work perfectly, but in some countries, according to the legislation, you will be responsible and not the car. You’re going to have to keep your hands on the steering wheel for a certain period of time, that kind of thing. It is what differentiates a system of assistance from an autonomous system. “
Either way, the car may have its systems released or blocked at any time without further complications, which makes a much less complicated adaptation when governments come to a conclusion.
The sedan, which looks like a huge pancake stuffed with luxury and technology, comes with something that is very cool from the point of view of the user, but may be illegal from the regulatory standpoint in some countries
This week, Audi joined Uber and Tesla in the group of companies that appeared in news every day – and again, the protagonist of the German assembler is the newest version of its deluxe A8 sedan.
After the foot massage and intelligent active suspension, the complete package of this immense panquecona on wheels with luxury filling and technology has been revealed and, of course, is not bad.
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