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Chromebooks. Posted on julho 19, 2017

Thanks to Google’s insistence, all Chromebooks launched in 2017 should leave factory with the ability to play Android apps. With this, any consumer can take away your new device from the packaging and start enjoying a large collection of software available on the Google Play store. The full compatibility confirmation with Android for the 2017 releases was released by Google on the Chrome OS support page, the operating system of the Chromebooks. It is important to remember that Chromebooks older, depending on the technical specifications, can still receive compatibility with Android. However, this possibility is not guaranteed to all laptops with Chrome OS launched up to 2016.
According to a post by François Beaufort — a developer connected to the Chromium project — in Google Plus, devices with chrome will pass through the installation of modified operating system codes, i.e. they will allow consumers to create different versions of the OS. All this can be done by means of USB connections, through pendrives or external HDS.
It is not yet possible to install new SOS directly on the computer, but with the external drives already it becomes easy to run modified code. This should be very interesting for developers who want to test their codes in a Chromebook. It is important to make it clear that this does not mean that Windows is allowed to install on the appliance, only versions based on chromium itself.
The news is good for those who use it and is interested in migrating to the Chromebooks. However, finding a model that effectively works with Android can show itself challenging, since the pace of platform launches is much less accelerated than between notebooks for Windows, for example.
An output to not get lost at the time of making a purchase, and not end up investing money in a model that will never have compatibility with Android apps, the best output is still searching.