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Galaxy TAB s3

Galaxy TAB s3 Posted on julho 19, 2017

The Galaxy Tab S3 is now available for purchase and comes in two variants: either with or without a SIM card slot for independent LTE connection. The prices for the two models range from $599.99 to $769. For the first time ever the capacitive S-Pen is included in the price, but you will need to pay extra for the keyboard. This can be purchased separately for $129.99.
The design of the Galaxy Tab S3 is virtually unchanged compared to the Galaxy Tab S2, measuring in at 9.7-inches. The new tablet continues to stick to the iPad 4:3 ratio format. This proves to be equally practical in landscape-format and portrait-format applications. The frame is made of metal and the rest of the housing is made of glass. It’s important to note that the tablet is not waterproof.
It’s easy to hold the tablet’s 434 grams. However, if you want to use the tablet for reading, you may need to prop it up on your lap or invest in an few accessories to support it, as after all, this is not just an ebook reader. The fact that we can touch the screen while holding Tab S3 adds to the user experience with this device.
One of the added bonuses to come with the Tab S3 is its S-Pen, though the tablet itself doesn’t have a dedicated space to store it like what we saw with the Galaxy Note series. So, if the S-Pen is an indispensable tool for you, you’ll have to find a creative way of ensuring you can carry it with you all the time. Putting it into the front pocket on your blazer or shirt is always a great choice. The pen is super light and sturdy, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
The home button is still mechanical, not capacitative, and the fingerprint sensor is still located here. On the one hand, you can rely on the biometric security feature, where you definitely are the password, which makes the tablet great for professional use. The tablet is also great at actually recognizing your distinctive features and responds promptly.