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Micro-buses without drivers.

Micro-buses without drivers. Posted on julho 19, 2017

The Parisian Transportation Administration (RATP) held this Saturday the first demonstration of an electric bus without a driver, revealing its interest in the fashion of autonomous and ecological transportation.
Compact and square, the white vehicle traveled throughout the afternoon (local time) a circuit of hundreds of meters on the shores of the Seine, under the curious eye of the pedestrians.
Without steering wheel and driver space, the bus EZ10, from the French manufacturer Easymile, has sufficient space to carry a dozen standing passengers.
The vehicle circulates at 25 km/h and has been tested in closed circuits in Holland, Japan, Singapore and the U.S. state of California. In Finland, it was tested on roads.
Thanks to the technology, it adapts its speed to the surroundings and can stop altogether for the safety of pedestrians and passengers, according to the company.
Before the French capital, the city of Lyon tested in September its own bus service without a driver. Two gun vehicles, from the French Navy company, tested in Switzerland, cover a path of 1, 3km in a new neighbourhood of the city.
The deputy mayor of Paris, Jean-Louis Missika, created the project because he believes that in 20 years the vehicles will be responsible for changing “the urban landscape in spectacular fashion”. Excited, he says he’s anxious to know how people will react to being inside a vehicle without a driver.
In Holland, Mercedes-Benz has already tested a 12-meter bus with capacity for 46 sitting people who also work without driver, however, there is room for the driver in case of emergency.
The model tested in Paris has already ridden in closed circuits in Holland, Japan, Singapore, in the U.S. state of California, and in Finland was tested this September on roads.
Still in France, the city of Lyon tested in September another model of minibus without driver and inaugurated a feeder service in a new neighbourhood of the city. Two units of a minibus, the French Navy company, which have been tested in Switzerland, make a journey of 1, 2 miles.