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Moto G5S Plus

Moto G5S Plus Posted on julho 19, 2017

Announced during MWC 2017, the 5th generation of Moto G line arrived to show that Lenovo/Motorola still has many cards in the sleeve to maintain the favoritism of the clientele.
Appliances that are successful worldwide have received some news to bring even more performance to consumers who don’t want to spend much, but feel the need for more powerful hardware for their routine.
With the launch of smartphones here in Brazil, Motorola sent us a unit of Moto G5 Plus to check out its exceptional work in this series update. The model in question presents refined design, upgraded hardware, the latest version of Android (Nougat) and some features that facilitate use.
As usual, we have conducted a series of tests as well as we use the appliance for a long time to bring an opinion on all its potential. Will the modifications made by the manufacturer still convince the consumer?
Live, the smartphone is prettier than it looks in photos and videos. The golden version has the front in the same color, and some may prefer the grey version, which has the black front. In addition to being more discreet, this option also disguises the light and proximity sensors.
The appliance is 150.2 mm high, 74 mm wide and 7.7 mm thick and weighs 155 grams, oddly enough the same weight as the Galaxy S8.
The promised metallic finish is restricted to a small piece of the back, which has the bulk of plastic that mimics metal. Still, there’s a certain elegance in the finishing. The sides are the good old plastic. Which takes a few charm points to the appliance. The shape of the back edges is slightly curved.
On the sides, we have the chip drawer on the top, all of the plastic. In it, there’s room for both chips and a micro SD card. That’s right, you don’t have to choose between using two mobile lines and a expansion card, you can have all of them.
At the bottom, the micro USB inputs, for the data and power cord, the P2 port, for the headset, and the microphone. On the left side, there is nothing, while in the right we find the volume buttons and the alloy/DELISGA, which also lights the screen.
In the back we found the microphone of noise reduction, almost on top of the camera, which sits in a circular bulge, in the format that has become the brand of Motorola. Below this lumbar, a Motorola logo in different texture than the rest of the back.
Finally, we arrive at the front, which has the light and proximity sensors, the speaker, which serves both for audio in conversation and for music and videos, and the frontal sensor. There’s no flash ahead, but selfies have an option on which we’ll talk in the part destined for cameras.
Below the screen, the digital sensor, which is also the navigation menu in a touch.
The display of 5.2 “has only 0.2 inches more than the basic version of the Moto G5, in addition to being 0.3 inch smaller than the plus version predecessor. The screen is manufactured with IPS LCD technology, has full HD resolution and approximate pixel density of 424 ppi. It also counts with Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
For counting on the LCD technology, the display brings shades of larger colors, but black less deep than the Super AMOLED. We measured the light emitting from the black screen with maximum brightness and obtained about 4 lux. Not much, but it’s a relatively high level, which is far from the “real” black.
For those who prefer, there is an option with more intense colours, which increases the saturation and highlights the red and the warmer colours. It’s just two modes: intensity and the pattern, but it’s already some option for the user. You cannot manually change the intensity, saturation, and contrast settings.
As for the brightness, we have seen that it is possible to use the Moto G5 plus on the street, in sunlight, relatively well with the maximum brightness, while the minimal brightness should not cause too much eye fatigue in darker environments.