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Surface Pro

Surface Pro Posted on julho 19, 2017

The Surface Pro line of Microsoft has remained essentially unaltered in the last two generations. Now you can raise that number to three. That’s because the new Surface Pro (2017) – No, it’s not the Surface Pro 5 – it brings significant internal improvements, but refuses to change something that’s going well.
Announced in May, with suggested price of 800 dollars, the new Surface Pro is already available for pre-sale, as the appliance begins to be delivered in June, same release date of the surface laptop – the two products will be launched in a total of 26 markets, including USA, UK, France, Germany, India and Taiwan, among others.
Perhaps the biggest change of the new handset is semantics: Microsoft has decided to call the Surface Pro of a “laptop” instead of a “2-in-1”. The company is not abandoning the idea of “a tablet that can replace your laptop”, but the company believes that users now buy the surfaces as laptops, doing with them everything they would do on traditional laptops.
If placed one beside the other (see below), the Surface Pro 4 and the new Surface Pro are basically identical, especially if they are with the signature type cover. Both bring PixelSense screens of 12.3 inches, but the new Surface Pro (2017) counts with a better keyboard, can be laid at a larger angle, of 165 degrees, in the style of surface studio, and takes advantage of a new and more sensitive surface pen (sold separately).
In addition to hardware novelties, Microsoft also made a modification in the nomenclature of the device, which leaves the numbering backward and becomes known only as Surface Pro (if the numbering was maintained, the name of the new generation would be Surface Pro 5). New devices are available to consumers from June, in the United States. The price of the simplest version of the new Surface Pro is at US $799 (or R $2,610, in direct conversion), with 128 SSD and 4GB of RAM. The product will be available in the North American market from mid-June. In the most expensive version, the consumer gets a hybrid laptop equipped with 1 TB SSD and 16 GB of RAM. Microsoft has never officially launched surface in Brazil, which means that interested parties need to import the computer.
Amazing this surface, I’m going to buy mine. And did you like the novelty of Microsoft?