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Transform your smartphone into a desktop PC.

Transform your smartphone into a desktop PC. Posted on julho 19, 2017

It arrives to the market an innovative application in Brazil that offers the user the possibility of having a car connected with a computer on board, the Carrorama by Multilaser. The information will be obtained through the OBD (on-board diagnostic).
Unlike other applications that only read the gross information provided by OBD, the differential presented by Carrorama by Multilaser is the interpretation of this data in a friendly manner, offering a new user experience.
The main functionality of the application is to detect and report to the user, in real time, whenever there is an error recorded in the Automobile diagnostics system. It’s more than 2000 cataloged error codes. In case of problem, it introduces the driver to a universal error code, a brief diagnosis and a suggestion of how to resolve it.
The application transforms the smartphone into a onboard computer. It does a reading of the vehicle information through an OBD (on-board diagnostic) and “translates” the data in a user friendly manner. The information arrives at the driver by means of a text alert and a universal code.
“With this information, the driver may contact the mechanic to see if he can keep driving safely to the nearest workshop or if he needs to stop the vehicle and call a winch, for example, avoiding greater damages,” explains André Machado, CEO of Going2 Mobile, developer of the application.
The Carrorama by Multilaser has a dashboard with the main vehicle information, such as engine temperature and rotation, battery voltage, fuel level, mileage, chassis number and accelerator position. There are more than 2000 errors diagnosed that vary according to model, year and vehicle assembler.
To use the app, the user must download it for free at Google Play and acquire the OBD Carrorama by Multilaser, available in the Multilaser e-commerce and in the country’s main retail stores. The product comes with an installation manual.
“After installing the Carrorama, just the user enters the car, connecting the application and the information already begins to be transmitted by the smartphone,” says Machado.
The application is compatible for Android 4.0 or higher versions and can be used in national vehicles manufactured from 2010.