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Droni of DJI can be controlled by gestures.

Droni of DJI can be controlled by gestures. Posted on julho 20, 2017

The manufacturer of DJI Drones announced today its new model, called Spark. The drone comes with a curious control mode: the gestures detected directly by the camera. To take off, the spark just needs to be switched on and seeing the owner’s face-it takes off right from the palm of the hand. See a demonstration in the video above.
Already the control, which can be done by the already traditional application, remote control with radio frequency and even by glasses, can also be made by hand gestures. There’s even a gesture to capture photos, which is what everyone already knows.
Weighing about 300 grams and the size of a soda can (dimensions of 143x143x55 mm), the spark is made to be carried around in the day-to-day, and may be charged in the backpack, for example.
In addition to the lightweight and low price dimensions, as it is the cheaper Chinese manufacturer’s cheapest drone, spark stands out by the fact that it can be controlled by means of different gestures, either with the hands or with the head.
With maximum speed of 50 km/h, the drone has autonomy for up to 16 minutes of flight with its battery. Other features include a camera that allows you to take photos of 12MP and record HD (1080p) videos with stabilization.
Through sensors that make a smart scan of the user’s body (similar to Microsoft’s Kinect) The spark manages to receive commands through programmed gestures. It is possible to shoot, take pictures, maneuver and move the Quadric√≥ptero, only with the gestures of the hands. After a time of use, you realize that the drone communicates with you using guidance lights. Each type of ‘ blink ‘ has a different meaning: ‘ I took your picture ‘, ‘ I started the video recording ‘, ‘ closed the video recording ‘, etc.
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