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Dell launches first laptop with wireless recharge

Dell launches first laptop with wireless recharge Posted on julho 23, 2017

The first notebook that can be reloaded wirelessly is a reality. This is Dell’s latitude 7285 model. The hybrid, which has the 12-inch detachable screen, was revealed at the beginning of the year and now began to be sold in the United States.
The notebook allows you to use the product permanently without having to connect it to any cable. The recharge is on the basis of a base that should be positioned between the table and the notebook, using the WiTricity company’s magnetic induction technology to provide power for the laptop to continue operating.
Furthermore, Dell stated that the cargo base is not designed to be used on metallic surfaces, since technology involves magnetism. Of course, it’s not exactly what the public expects, but it shows that the technology is evolving.
The prank, however, is that this system does not come with the notebook. In order to be able to perform the wireless recharging, it is necessary to purchase the pluggable keyboard compatible with the technology and the recharging base.
So the laptop costs from $ $1,200 in its most basic version, with an Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor, 128 GB storage on SSD and 8GB RAM. To acquire the package with the keyboard and the base, you will need to disburse more $ $550.
I loved it at the first moment to think of a notbook that had no cord to recharge. But it’s still to know that there’s this keypad. And what did you think?