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Sega – Launches free classics for androids and iOS.

Sega – Launches free classics for androids and iOS. Posted on julho 31, 2017

Following the nostalgic rerelease line of classic games, Sega announced that it would make available free games from the so-called “Sega Forever” collection for mobile devices. Among them are “Sonic, the Hedgehog” and “Altered Beast”.
According to the manufacturer, the catalog will bring new games every 15 days for iOS and Android systems.
The first five titles were released in June, it is already possible to download them from the Google Play application store.
After several adventures on the mobile platforms with simple adaptations of old games and original gaming, Sega has decided to invest heavily in enhanced versions of past classics. The Sega Forever stamp will cover titles of all the company’s platforms, between table consoles, portables and even pinball machines, and in fact, it has already begun to scroll before it is announced: the mobile version of “Sonic CD”, launched in 2011, has been updated to be part of the collection.
In addition to “Sonic CD”, other five games will be part of Sega forever from this next week:
Sonic 1 Comix
Zone Phantasy
Star II
Chameleon Kid
Altered Beast
Games from the Sega Forever collection do not require Internet connection, and can be played in offline mode. Each game also has a paid version, no advertisements, for $ $2, which also gives the ability of the ‘ save ‘ option in the cloud.
After that, Sega’s promise is that new games are launched every two weeks. According to the company, they are already in production mobile versions of past classics to ensure that the stamp continues for about three years. and the Portuguese games translated by TecToy to Master System and Mega Drive? Any chance of being part of the collection?
This is one of the possible extensions of the project to the future: we approach publishers third party to understand how we can work together, “games the marketing director of Sega’s mobile division in the west, Mike Evans.
“This will take some time, but when it happens, we’il be in touch with TecToy”
The speech is similar when we ask about the possibility of launching line titles also for desktop consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and switch:
“We have great ambitions for the game catalog from the Sega Forever collection in the future and many incredible ideas.”
But one thing at a time, we’re working hard to make this idea a first hit in the Mobile World, “Mike explains.


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