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Android update

Android update Posted on agosto 13, 2017

Google has announced the addition of new features to its Android search appliance. From an update, users will be able to customize shortcuts to streamline searches and keep abreast of news on topics they care about. With the modernization of the app, it will be possible, with a twist, to search for a variety of things, such as directions to nearby ATMs, on-screen movies and weather forecasts. In addition, you can decide what you want to customize. For moments of distraction, there will also be shortcuts to games such as patience, dice, and the old woman’s game. Even funny and animal sounds will be available to chill out. Organizing your travels will also become simpler through the application. According to Google, you can manage your bookings through the program, as well as using Google Translate when you need to communicate in another language. According to Google, the number of possible shortcuts is large and can be searched by clicking the arrow located to the right of your favorites. Others will also be added for checking prices such as airfare and gasoline. by