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Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 Posted on agosto 29, 2017

Slightly Mad Studios, developer of Project Cars 2, is "impressed" by Xbox One X hardware. 
According to Rod Chong, COO of the studio, the game version for the new Microsoft
 console will have "improvements", not yet Specified by the team, who regretted not being
 able to disclose much information now. "Unfortunately, I can not say much because
 we are benchmarking at the moment, we are impressed with the hardware, there will be
 improvements, obviously, but we are not ready to show them, it must run
 at 60 frames per second or it is death," he joked. According to Chong, the experience
can be seriously compromised if the game does not run at 60 frames per second.
 So this is "very important" in Project Cars 2. The Sony console will also have improvements
 that have not yet been specified by the developer - although it is easy to 
assume that they are not as substantial as those of Xbox One X, which has more hardware powerful.