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Discover how to send anonymous messages in ZapZap

Discover how to send anonymous messages in ZapZap Posted on setembro 7, 2017

If you've been a user of anonymous messaging platforms such as Formspring and Secret,
or just been listening to social networks, you've probably heard of Sarahah.
It is a platform that allows sending and receiving anonymous messages - preferably,
constructive and friendly - that has become very popular in recent times. Fortunately, users
of the ZapZap messaging application can use a similar feature in the app itself. Recently,
the last update of the messenger brought the possibility of sending and receiving
anonymous messages, similar to what happens in Sarahah. Users of the application can disclose
the profile link of anonymous messages on the desired social networks, and you do not have to be
registered to send messages. If you want, you can also share incoming messages in other
applications, such as WhatsApp. ZapZap, with a name that refers to WhatsApp, is an alternative
among the available messaging applications. With the code based on the Russian telegram messenger,
this app features very different functions from WhatsApp itself, such as self-destructive
messages, channels that can be monetized by using ads, groups with specific themes, finding users
in nearby places, and other resources. You can still find out who viewed your profile.