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Intel officially announces your 8th generation of processors

Intel officially announces your 8th generation of processors Posted on setembro 26, 2017

Intel announced today (25) the eighth generation of its processors and they get promising advanced performance “for gamers, overclockers and content creators who need premium performance”. The flagship of the new family is a processor dedicated to gambling, the best of all time to that, according to the manufacturer, but there are also other news. Among them are the first four Core i3 processors cores and the first Core i5 processor with six cores, giving a significant step forward compared to the previous generation. According to Intel, processors models “K” come prepared to overclock, ensuring maximum flexibility in time to extract as much as possible that all they have to offer. The top of the line presented today by Intel’s Core i7-8700K, “the best processor desktop games of all time”, says the manufacturer. He reaches up to 4.7 GHz turbo core frequency only, the best marks ever recorded by a processor, thanks to Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. Games and content creation.The new generation of Intel processors ensures up to 25% more performance over previous generation when it comes to rate of frames per second. In addition, the devices do best also to perform multiple tasks — the promise is that the combo game, streaming and capturing images happen up to two times faster than a machine three years ago. In a world that is increasingly dedicated to videos, the new Intel processors offer advanced features for content creators. Edit videos 4 k in 360°, for example, can be made up to 32% faster. Details. In all, were presented six new models today, with each winning a variation “K”, ready for overclocking. The new equipment will be on sale from October 5 and the most basic of them, the Core i3-8100, sells for $ $117 (£ $370 in direct conversion). There is still no information about when the new processors will be available here in Brazil.