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Basic functions to activate from the Galaxy S8 now

Basic functions to activate from the Galaxy S8 now Posted on outubro 12, 2017

Launched in Brazil in May, Galaxy S8 arrives as one of the most advanced mobile devices on the market. But as it happens in most new appliances, many factory configurations make the smartphone not take advantage of its best functions, which can impair the user experience as a whole. The good news is that these capabilities predetermined by Samsung can be altered, allowing the mobile to go far beyond sending messages or answering calls. Therefore, if you have or are considering purchasing a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, meet 13 options to explore 100% of the phone’s capabilities. By default, all Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are shipped with resolution FHD + (2,220 x 1,080), but it is possible to increase to maximum quality QHD (2,960 x 1,440). To do this, go to “Settings ” “Screen” > “screen resolution “, move the bookmark to the right and click “Apply ” at the top right to complete the change. With the Android Nougat, Google has launched a very present function in several applications: the night mode, which replaces very light colors with darker tones to ensure better viewing overnight. In the Galaxy S8, the feature is called Blue light filter, and can be activated in “Settings ” “Screen” “Blue light Filter “. In this same section you can still program the mobile to enable this option automatically-the hint is to leave it active always after sunset, which is when it starts nightfall. The night mode is not the only feature that’s turned to have a better night’s sleep. With the “Do Not Disturb”, any notification received will not disturb you during a preset period by you. Go to “Settings ” “Sounds and Vibration” “Do not Disturb ” To set your schedules and not be interrupted during sleep or at any event that requires concentration. To try to standardize all the tools installed on the device, Samsung has deployed an option that adds borders to the application icons. It’s a característi