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Whatsapp fake in playstore

Whatsapp fake in playstore Posted on novembro 5, 2017

One of the most downloaded software on the mobile platforms worldwide. To convince consumers, it was made available as “Update WhatsApp “, having even the original logo. To improve the disguise, the developer still managed to insert the application as being produced by “WhatsApp Inc. “, using tricks in Unicode to insert invisible characters into the name and get through the security of the Play Store. In this way, it was available for download in the search results listing for “WHATSAPP” and was downloaded more than 1 million times.
There was no installation of any malware in this coup. According to Avast experts, the software only showed ads from other applications — in a clear attempt to raise money, but not stealing data. Even so, it’s important to stay tuned because not every fake app “is so nice so “. Shortly after the first denunciations, Google took the fake WhatsApp from its list of applications.